Are twitter trends too Anglo-centric?

I had a feeling that the trends on twitter are not so great when in Japan. E.g. here's a list of trends in London and then in Fukuoka, Japan with my very rough quick translations into English.

I think only the first three on the list in Japan are actual trends, the others are just common words. I guess twitter isn't doing anything location/language-related with regards to spotting uncommon words.

Trends in London

  • Germany and USA
  • Unlucky USA
  • Varela
  • Ronaldo
  • Tim Howard
  • William Carvalho
  • Jermaine Jones
  • Eder
  • Nani
  • Brad Friedel

Trends in Fukuoka

  • 麻生副総理 - Aso deputy prime minister
  • 鈴木章浩 - Akihiro Suzuki
  • 血液だ - it's blood
  • ありがとう - thank you
  • 大丈夫 - OK
  • 楽しみ - looking forward to it
  • 笑笑 - LOL
  • あー Aah
  • 勉強 - Study
  • 絶対 - absolutely