So I've just setup my blog using ruby slippers Its explained well over there, and surprisingly after following their instructions it seems I already have a heroku app setup with my blog publishing straight to it.

Well here goes, just about to save this markdown file and see.

Yep that worked well. I did a

rake publish

and it published my site with just a couple of issues:

On Mac OSX Lion with my current setup it seems the necessary python libraries for creating images of the blog weren't installed.

I also needed to set an environment variable to fix it

brew install webkit2png

echo 'export PYTHONPATH="/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/Extras/lib/python/"' >> ~/.bash_profile

source ~/.bash_profile

And there we have it. My own website with its own domain and blog subdomain. All thanks to heroku, and ruby-slippers